Twister Trimmers vs CenturionPro Bud Trimming Machines - Best Bud Trimmer

CenturionPro vs Twister Trimmers

Question 1 - Efficiency

Question 1

Which company provides the most efficient machines, which will trim the fastest and maintain the closest cut while best preserving trichomes?

Question 2 - Longevity

Question 2

Which machine will last the longest and give you years of continuous use without having to spend thousands on replacement parts?



Which machine is best suited for your needs?

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To help answer these three questions we have completed detailed comparisons of similar sized machines both companies have to offer. Our findings are based on facts obtained by inspecting all models and data retrieved from each machines spec sheet.

The purpose of purchasing a trimming machine is to save time and labor costs, while maintaining as close to a hand trimmed look as possible. Determining the speed, quality of trim and finished product will depend on three factors both company’s machines have in common.

Factor 1 - Cutting Reel Length

Cutting Reel Length refers to the actual cutting surface, which helps to determine the processing speed.

Number of Blades on the cutting reel influences the cutting action and quality of the trim. More blades produce more cuts, which results in a tighter trim.

Cutting Reel

Factor 2 - Tumbler Diameter

Tumbler Diameter determines the amount of flower that can fit inside to be trimmed, which impacts processing speed. The optional non-stick Quantanium coating offered by CenturionPro works to prevent precious trichomes from sticking to the tumbler surface, which directly impacts the quality of the trimmed flower.

Tumbler Diameter

Factor 3 - Leaf Collector Horsepower

Leaf Collector Horsepower produces the suction needed to pull the maximum amount of leaf into the blades to be trimmed off the flower. This is what gives the machine-trimmed product that hand-trimmed look.

Leaf Collector

Know All the Facts Before Making Your Decision

At CenturionPro Solutions our goal is to provide customers with all the critical information needed to make an informed decision when investing in a trimming machine.

Before you choose which machine/system you are investing in, we hope you take this comparative information to make an informed decision.